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Current Price $541.27

01. welcome

PITCHEUM transactions are Anonymous

All the transactions done can be seen,but the owner of the PITCHEUM address remains unidentified,unknown and anonymous.Each PITAlCHEUM user can actually choose whether or not his name will appear,but even if the user wants to keep his identity secret,all of his transactions are still recorded and can be monitored through blockchain.

02. Benefits

Pitcheum core projects

Funding Platform

Connectivity across payment networks

Angel Investment

Instant, on-demand settlement

Peer To Peer

Real-time peer-to-peer of funds


Low operational and liquidity costs
03. Evolution


with the rise in the adoptation of crypto currency and proliferation of ICO and the daunting challenge facing real,meaningful & problem solving cryptoprojects dying from theabsence of seed funding and investors because of trust-gavebirth to Pitcheum-A solution that seeks to put an end to the imminent death of real,true problem solving crypto project by guaranteeing funding and investors so such projects can thrive and see the limelight andprofer solution to the current challenges plaguing the ICO’ &Cryptospace

04. Roadmap

Implementation Sheet

At Pitchuem we have one focus - creating a viable data marketplace to start returning value
to token holders in the shortest time possible.

Idea validation
Start to build PITCHEUM
(August - October)
Web wallet-Windows & Linux Wallet
FullBranding Exchange listing
Pitcheum Exchange Full launch called(pitcheumex) DEBUGING/improving website features Conference
Funding and project investment platform design and development (Betalaunch)
Pre-Sale MobileWallet,android/IOS Online and offline marketing campaign
(March-April 2019)
Marketing Campain/bring and build more community around PITCHEUM Merchant/partnership
05. Network


Through this selfdrop we intend to raise Funds for our product development,to build a crypto funding and investment ecosystem and platform that our cryptocurrency will thrive on.


07. Team

Team & Advisors

With a team of top technology and finance professionals, the nonprofit pitcheum expands access to low-cost financial services to fight poverty and maximize individual potential.

Hillary Barrett


Christopher Hollifield

Lead Engineer

Sumit Kumar Pradhan

Account Manager

Sumit Kumar Pradhan

Founder & CEO

Dominick Phillips

Senior JavaScript/Node.js Engineer

Hillary Barrett


Christopher Hollifield

Lead Engineer

Sumit Kumar Pradhan

International Relations manager

Hiroshi Muratomo

Blockchain investment hacker

Jonathan Carr

Advisor-blockchain architecture

Hillary Barrett

08. Charts

Pitcheum Charts

Current Price


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Market Cap

$147 547 106

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09. Money

Easy Money

Just like Bitcoin,it can be sent anywhere in seconds,when ever and wherever you want.Money transfer with PITCHEUM can happen just with a Smart phone and internet connection.Transfer fee is very small.Transfer fee can be removed until free,but to speed up transactions,you can set the cost in PITCHEUM wallet as needed no matter how much coin is sent.

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18 412
Total members
80 000
Total investors


Upcoming Events

11 March 2019
Blockchain Week

Participation of Pitcheum in blockchain week in London

16 April 2019
Ethyl Voting

“The Ethyl Community Fund Proposal has started their voting.”

30 May 2019
Chainges Conference

Join the first world-class quality blockchain and cryptocurrency conference

10 June 2019
Catapult Release

Catapult Pitcheum (version 2.0) will come sometime this year

11. donate

Donate to Support

Pitcheum is not a pre-mined coin, so all of its development is funded
by kind people like you.